pro: n/a
contra: boring, shit ping, steadily receiving headshots, lags, cheaters .. bla.

Time for a little change.
Hmm.. new buyscript?
Different models?

6 beers & half a spliff later

pro: fun
contra: sobriety comes back again fast

"Aaaaaah.. leave me alone.. my gun ain't made out of bamboo!1"
mescaline / psilos / lsd & everything that causes hallucinations
ain't nothing to f*** with.

pro: fun, optics + you feel like the central sexual organ of the universe
contra: uncoordinated team killing combined with senseless use of flash and smoke grenades to combat aggressive bats & stuff

If money is in short supply, a grab to a bottle of glue can also lead to quite funny results. 

The consequences of constant sniffing fortunately reduce to irritation of the nasal mucosa and irreversible mental enfeeblement.

pro: cheap
contra: nothing significant (see above)